Over the years, we’ve developed and refined a programme of courses that can help solve a whole range of marketing problems. Whether it’s helping your account planner hone his or her skills, or enabling the entire team to think more strategically, we can give you training that meets the specific challenges you may be facing.

What people say about us

  • “The sessions really helped shape my thinking around objectives and how we use insight, so thank you!”
  • “Great to get some expert training that we can genuinely use to make our campaigns more meaningful.”
  • "It was very useful and kept my attention and interest all the way through. Thank you!"

We also have our Academy, a schedule of our most popular courses that we run each year, where topics are honed down for a half day only and places can be bought on an individual basis.

What we cover

We provide tailored training on all strategic planning skills, from one-day sessions to on-going mentoring and staggered training throughout the year.

  • Brand positioning
  • Qualitative moderating
  • Insight generation
  • Workshop facilitation, creative thinking and brainstorming
  • Creative writing
  • Critiquing creative work
  • New business proposal writing
  • Developing and writing a pitch strategy
  • Presentation skills
  • Communications strategy development
  • Account planning bootcamp (a suite of modules for all aspects of the role)

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