Families - the next big thing in marketing

In supermarkets will we see ever increasing sizes on staple goods? Asda now sells extra large sacks of produce like onions – initially to satisfy its Asian customers – but also highly relevant to mums who have to make vats of spag bol for their brood. (I am assuming beyond a certain point ready meals start to look pricey).

Bigger families must bode well for online grocery shopping – you already need arms like tree trunks and the patience of Job to do a weekly shop for four, let alone five or six. And don't get me started on trolleys – they havent invented one for three yet.

No-one appears to overtly market to larger families. I don't think any online grocery provider captures number and ages of children in their registration form but it could turn out to be a useful bit of info.

These people are probably parting with the thick end of £200 per week on groceries. Will brand owners begin to look at ultra large sizes for some key items? Andrex are already selling loo rolls with 50% more on them. My suggestion would be Ribena and I would like a container with wheels please and an in-store filling station where I can load up.

Bigger families look as if they might be here to stay. Looks as if they could have a disruptive influence on marketing.

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