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What we offer

We've put all our expertise, knowledge and know-how into creating hugely effective, efficient and flexible services that provide solutions to today's marketing challenges - whether you're part of a communications agency or a brand owner.

Brand and Product Positioning

With our vast experience and flexible approach, we've developed an extensive menu of ways to create and express brand positionings, depending on timings and budgets.

Brand Planning

We can develop a brand planning process that suits the needs of your business, teams and brand, from finding the killer insights all the way through to excellent activation plans.

Consumer/Audience Research

We can manage, conduct and analyse all types of research for you, either as a standalone project or as part of an overall brand or communications job.

Pitch Strategy

From improving an agency's credentials and developing a compelling brand story, to identifying which consumer insight is required – we can provide expertise on many aspects of your pitch process.

Ideas and Workshop Facilitation

Whether you choose a 45 minute session or two whole days, we have a range of proven and flexible techniques to suit.

International Strategy

With experience and contacts across Europe and the USA, we can work with you on international brand planning and research projects.

Insight Mining

We've created a series of tools that help us ask the right questions to get the answers - all in a cost effective and time efficient way.


You might need help honing your account planner's skills. Or perhaps you'd like the entire team to think more strategically. Whatever your challenge we can provide a programme that's just right for you.

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