Brand Planning

Brand Planning operates on a continuum and seeking better ways to improve your brand's performance never stands still. However, there are still key planning times in the year when there is the need to take a step back and review your strategic brand plan.

What is the brand planning process?

We have identified that there are 4 key phases to this process.

1) Category Dynamics 2) Brand Positioning
3) Brand Activation 4) Assessment

Each of this stages can be broken down into smaller bite size sections dependent upon your business need and objectives and where you are in the planning cycle.

  • 1) Category Dynamics. We have developed a series of techniques that will enable you to have a deep understanding of the category you operate in and to extract the opportunities that will shape your brand's future. Key outputs from this stage are:

    • Killer insights which can be built into actionable opportunities;
    • Category Segmentation -no longer will you have consumer segmentations which seem intangible and are disconnected from your communication and activity plans;
    • Pen portraits to inspire and inform your activation plans;
    • Market Maps so you not only know the competitor landscape where you are operating in today but also a detailed view on tomorrow’s stretch potential.
  • 2) Brand Positioning. With our vast experience and flexible approach, we've developed an extensive menu of ways to create and express brand positionings, depending on timings and budgets.
  • 3) Brand Activation. This is when all your understanding of the category and your brand gathered in the first two stages of the brand planning process are used to develop activities which will really springboard your brand into the future. Our mix of client and agency experience will ensure that you are developing highly creative plans that will grow both your brand and business value.
  • 4) Assessment. The value of your company, not only your brands, rest upon the results of your actions. Accountability is a key part of any brand plan. And as we’re in the business of change – we create opportunities for a brand to inform, connect and persuade so that attitudes and behaviours CHANGE - we must prove our work creates change. We can show you how.
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