Consumer/Audience Research

We can manage, conduct and analyse all types of research for you either as a standalone project or as part of an overall brand or communications job.

As well as traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews, segmentation and ‘usage and attitude’ studies, we also offer a number of specific research options to maximise insights while saving you time and money. All have been developed to ensure that no matter what the timings, you are never without that crucial consumer insight to set you apart from your competitors.

  • In-depth ethnography
  • Observational research
  • Opinion leader interviews
  • New product development process incorporating a unique use of consumer mini-groups
  • Consumer journals
  • Relationships with both low cost online survey providers and in-depth segmentation specialists

It's not just the opinion of ‘average Joes’ we can get. We have experience in researching sensitive social issues with hard-to-reach audiences, highly technical subjects with senior medical staff and high-level business issues with CEOs. Farmers, teenagers, nurses, check-out assistants and surgeons - they've all had our treatment.

With the option to pay all the external costs directly (and so save on the mark-ups), you are able to access research that has been cost effectively moderated and analysed by highly experienced account planners.

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