Ideas & Workshop Facilitation

The Planning Express team has proven skills and instinct for effective idea generation techniques. These assets stem from our wealth of experience, our desire to share and improve each other's favourite techniques and our training by the world's leading creative problem solving facilitators – Synectics.

What it's about

We have a range of effective and flexible agendas and techniques to suit all needs, with sessions from 45 minutes to 2 days.

During these workshops, our expertise means we're able to take the team's thinking into new and exciting directions and spot the moments of brilliance that should be built upon.

For a communications agency, our workshops are also a great way of building relationships with new and existing clients.

Topics include:

  • Media and engagement ideas
  • PR ideas
  • Guerrilla tactics
  • New product ideas
  • Retail seasonal business ideas
  • Brand positioning and propositions
  • New business ideas for agencies

You may prefer to moderate the workshop yourself. That's OK - we can work with you in the background to plan the session.

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