Brand & Product Positioning

Using our vast experience, together with our renowned flexible approach, we've developed an extensive menu of ways to create and express brand positionings, depending on timings and budgets.

Why we do it

Perhaps you're looking to overhaul a major brand and have several months and a significant budget to do so. On the other hand, you may be an agency who has recommended that your client needs to develop a clearer positioning before going ahead with a communication plan in the next couple of weeks.

We've seen, and used, a whole range of brand models and techniques and selected the very best for every situation. However, if you already have your own we can effectively use that too.

With every project, we incorporate inclusive team thinking through brand positioning workshops, which bring together the client, agency and consumer perspectives. This ensures that we always develop a brand positioning based on genuine insight into the market, brand, product and consumer.

More and more marketing clients want to work hand-in-hand with their agency partners to develop their brands. Our workshops are a great way to make this collaboration happen - quickly and effectively.

We never forget that an agency is a brand too. That's why we've created a service specifically to help agencies develop and optimise their own brand positioning so that they stand out in the marketplace.

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