Pitch Strategy

Planning Express has considerable experience managing, writing and presenting pitches and has successfully presented to some of the most intimidating audiences in both the UK and the US.

What it can do for you

We can provide expertise for many aspects of your pitch process, from making an agency's credentials more compelling, to providing powerful rationale and support for the creative ideas. Our key strength is helping you to identify the killer consumer insights in order to develop a convincing strategy, as well as help with creative brief writing, crafting the final presentation and advising you how to leave a lasting impression. We can be present at the pitch as part of your team or, if you prefer, stay in the background. We can be your account planner throughout the whole process or just assist with part of it.

We can even keep your creatives happy! Using a simple technique called a ‘Turbobrief’, combined with our fast research options and idea generation workshops, we're able to distil a massive amount of thinking into a very short space of time. This speeds up the fact-finding process on large pitches, giving creatives the strategy and time they deserve.

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